Rooftop Weddings Are Simply Wow

When we got invited to a rooftop wedding, my husband and I got very excited. I have always found them to be so romantic and private. I really wanted to do something like that for our wedding but we did one in the park and it was also very nice.

So here are some options for people that feel the same way that I do.

I recommend the Southside Hyatt House Terrace, this is the one that we attended.

It’s a brand new, modern hotel in a vibrant city area and the reception space is on a rooftop terrace under a tent with a cool lounge/ fire pit area attached. The website could use more pics because it’s a great space but here is a link to their wedding info. It was probably one of the mid range venues for this type of wedding, not super expensive, but also not the cheapest options. And if you want a nice lounge this is my number one choice. It was, wow!

Hotel Monaco is super cool, but I do believe their biergarten space is smaller than most weddings for a seated dinner. It’s a great cocktail space though or if you wedding is under 100 guests it may work.

Heinz History center has a neat deck overlooking the city on the 5th floor for a ceremony with an inside space for the reception. Their in house caterer Common Plea is incredible.

While the Gateway Clipper was also fun locale, the couple hosted a party their shower of sorts here. It was sort of pre-thank you for the core guests. They sent invitations for a wedding shower but it wasn’t really like that. The food was good in my oppinion, but everyone’s taste is different. The woman that sat next to make complained a bit about it but, here is the thing, she cleaned her plate so it couldn’t have been that bad. It was as if it was part of the game. She also complained that the couple hadn’t decorated enough. It was planned pretty impromptu so they had zero set up time, if you want to make it more personal this is never the best.

While it was really nice for the wedding shower I don’t think that I would recommend it for the actual wedding. For the same reason I don’t recommend LeMont.

Though the Le Mont (not a rooftop) still offers a wrap-around city view both inside and on their outdoor deck. Which might be worth it to some.

The University Club in Oakland has a rooftop patio that is used regularly for ceremonies and receptions. It’s a private club for university staff, faculty and alumni. But the cost is pretty low, something around $15 dollars a month to use the dining rooms and bars, extra if you want to use the gym. But it is also open to the public to rent the ballrooms, conference rooms, ect for parties, weddings, conferences.

Unique Wedding Venues In Pittsburgh

I think that Pittsburgh has so many nice things to offer the public, it is one of those jems that doesn’t get enough attention. We have a wide number of attractions that many Yinzer seem to forget. But when I look at all of thse fancy weddings online I realize that we could do that here, and often times better.

For one we have so many parks that getting married in the city might not even seem like it.

Let me throw a couple out there for you:

  1. Carrie Furnace: I love the Carrie Furnaces photos I have seen, but their max capacity indoors is 150. I know because I once helped a friend get her wedding planned and I called around to a lot of different places.
  2. Benedum Lobby
  3. Carnegie Museum of Art

The Pennsylvanian is much more traditional. It’s really, really big, with a large covered outdoor area but the only draw back is that I beleive that they only do wedding with reception.

Other places I thought were a little more unique:

  • Kentuck Knob (Frank Lloyd Wright, 1 hour away from Pgh) – up to 200 guests
  • Polymath Park (also FLW, 1 hour away in Acme, PA) – can hold our capacity outdoors but with weather we felt it was too risky for the date.
  • Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall – there is a lot of buzz about the other Carnegie properties but this one is operated slightly differently – a very DIY venue – their first priority is booking music events, then special events as they can accommodate
  • Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens – a newer event venue, up to 130 capacity
  • Kelly Strayhorn Theater – didn’t know they did weddings
  • New Hazlett Theater – ditto above

Inexpensive Wedding Venues

I am one of those people that things that the current price for weddings is getting crazy. I don’t think that our wedding cost any more than $10k. And it was a nice affair with around 170 guests. So it wasn’t tiny either.

I am however one of those people that really gets a lot of joy from all of our great parrks. And they do make the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

Riverview park has what’s called “The Chapel” (not really a church or anything) but has a beautiful outdoor patio and is just beautiful. You have to contact city parks and actually talk with them about the different options. When I helped a friend with her wedding I called around and got different information and was able to get a good idea of what they offer.

As I called around I found out that North Park Lodge is reasonably affordable, and if you know it then you will know that it is nice. That allows for an outdoor wedding as well as a reception under cover in case of inclement weather. If you are ok with the uncertainty of the weather, I’ve also walked past the gazebos in South Park and seen weddings going on there. I think that they are relatively inexpensive, if not free, since I’m not sure that a permit was required.

Wedding At…

I’m not a fan of weddings but I went to one at the aviary and it was very pleasant! So much nicer than a banquet hall and guests got to go see the birds during the reception.

Ches Anthony Catering has a selection of a few different venues. They offer a discount for Friday weddings.

You provide your own Centerpieces, Liquor, Photographer and DJ/Band. When we got married, it was the most bang for your buck that we could find.

The Wendell Inn is their nicest venue, it’s a former school converted into a reception hall but without a strong school vide.

The Circuit Center in the Southside Works (their packages) is also an option for a more affordable setting. I have been to one wedding there, it’s a nice sized space, but it’s a pretty drab room. While the actual venue looks, to me at least, sort of like a high school gymnasium dressed up for the prom, the big draw there is the food made on site by The Fluted Mushroom. If you have a big budget for centerpieces and decor I’m sure it can be transformed, but I wasn’t too impressed.

The other thing is that it’s really the big room and bathrooms in the hall. If you would want to have an outdoor ceremony or other space for a babysitting room or anything like that, there isn’t anywhere to out that. Just something to consider.

So if food is your thing, and you want something affordable, it’s a good choice.