Another Pittsburgh Urban Legend Is Born

Somebody saw a piranha at North Park Lake . . . again. I don’t know why people beleive these sort of things. Something that they know can’t be real. This is like one of those stories that remains in overly dramatic Yinzer lore for years.

Popular culture has made piranhas seem more dangerous than they really are.

Attacks on humans are rare, generally only happen when they’re starving, and are really only seriously dangerous when they’re in large groups.

On the show Penn & Teller Tell A Lie, they did a segment where Teller jumped into a tank full of Piranha. They just ignored him.

Next you will be hearing people say that they can fly like 100 yards and attack in the air! Mega Piranha, maybe, or Piranha 3D? I’m not up on my piranha movies to know what I’m up against but I am sure that this will get straightened out. Red Bellies will die in the winter as they don’t take to the cold very well. And very rarely attack humans, so i don’t think you will have to worry about that.

People, please stop applying intelligent logic to an event we can easily whip into a media frenzy.