Penn Hills Cinema

Penn Hills Cinema is the most affordable movie theater in Pittsburgh (tel: (412) 243-1831). They have been around for 50 years.

It can compete with the other high priced movie theaters like Waterworks ect. because Penn Hills shows newly released movies just like them. There selection always amazes me.

  • 1 ticket: $5

Besides the movies being recent they have extra incentive to choose them:

On Monday you get:

  • 1 free popcorn with every admission.
  • So, if you and a friend go or the family on Monday everyone will get their own free bag of popcorn.

On Tuesday:

  • A refill of large tube of popcorn only cost only: $1.00

On Thursday:

  • Small Drink: $0.50
  • Medium Drink $0.75
  • Refillable Large Drinks: $1.00

On Wednesday or “Wacky Wednesday” as they call it:

  • Popcorns and Drinks are buy one get one free.

The weekend:

  • Free refills on Drinks and popcorn, yay!

They are located at:

Penn Hills Shopping Center, 76 Federal Dr, Penn Hills, PA 15235

I can’t think of another reason why I on’t love them. And I don’t know any other theaters that even give you free popcorn on some days. I love it because it makes it affordable to take the family to the movies on a budget.

The best part is that they really do have new movies. So, it is a win win. People saying Waterworks has cheap tickets is a joke. They are one of the most expensive cinemas.

Penn Hills Cinema is cheapest movie theater in Pittsburgh.

$10 Seats at Benedum Center

What would you say to Legally Blond, Footloose, and Cats for $10 per tickt, then you will love Benedum Center.

I did the $10 seats for a full season and I they are an absolute steal for the price. Are they high up? yeah. But can you still see everything. Yep. These seats are just like being in the upper deck of PNC park. You’re further away, but you’re still watching a quality performance at a fraction of the price. One word of advice, buy these teater binoculars.

You’ll thank me later.

The seats are further away, but you can definitely still see everything, you just can’t see anyone’s faces, which is actually interesting because you kind of imagine what everyone looks like.

Once the show starts, the ushers have always let me move up at intermission if there are empty seats (in the same section, not like all the way to orchestra, but even the front row of the back makes a difference.) Go for it. I’ve seen many shows in those $10 seats and have always enjoyed myself.

Still I usually go for the $15 or $20 if I have the money but anywhere in the center you’ll be able to see the stage. I like the upper tiers actually, you get a good vantage point.

First row seats are only around $50 the CLO and Broadway series are always worth it at any price.

Still, I’ve never had a bad seat there. I’ve had some that were a bit far to the sides, but you can still see pretty much everything, just the edge of the stage is a little tight.