Possible Ban On Drones In City Parks

And I am in agrement since there are many factors. First and most important: liability.

Everyone is terrified of getting sued. Having seen some of the drone pilots at Shenley and almost getting hit by one once, I can understand this.

Secondly: UPMC has rights to airspace above the park.

Others have cited privacy concerns. I’m not convinced that the right to privacy in a public park is very well grounded. I mean, it’s a public park. It is, by nature and definition, not private. So I am not sure that that is what is really a factor here.

That leaves me with my original concerns outweighing privacy. Which mostly come down to safety concerns of RC aircraft that might carry cameras and safety concerns of actual manned flight.

I have watched people attempt to paraguilde in the different parks which seems like a really bad idea.