Concert Seating At Heinz Field

They host concerts at Heinz Field and until we actually tested it I was a little bit turned off by the idea of sitting in the nosebleed section.

Having been to games at the stadium and sitting in the nosebleed section, I can vouch that you can see the jumbotron from anywhere except right underneath it obviously.

The people on the stage will be ants. And I’m pretty sure that section far above the endzone is bleacher seating, if that affects anything/what to bring.

If you really like the band, I’d go with floor level. Otherwise, you’re there to hear live music watching the screens. All of those seats have great views of the screens. You can’t make out their faces from those seats, but you can see what color clothes they have on.

There is that live element that is so unique to being there. The sound, the crowd, etc. Watching a concert on tv is ok but being there, even far away, sometimes is worth it for the overall experience.