Uh, Was There A Mix UP With the Marathon Shirts

Every year at the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo participants are given technical shirts with the marathon’s sponsors on the back.

All of the girls that particpated got pink shirt while all the guys participating got green shirts. This is my tenth year running and this is a first; usually all the shirts are the same color and the only difference is the race listed: relay, half, or full.

Seriously pink shirts for women?

I wasn’t able to trade for a green one and none of the volunteers I talked to had any idea why there were two different color shirts this year. I was really annoyed that I was stuck with a pink shirt. Green is actually my favorite color and pink is one of my least favorite, thanks marathon people. Any positive or negative comments are likely to make it to the people who make these decisions.

The Pittsburgh Marathon Course

The first half of the race is mostly flat but when you hit mile 12 you climb. I remember thinking I have no chance of making my goal of 4:00 with this hill on the course. When you get to the top its pretty rolling and there are a lot of bands to take your mind off the run.

I ran this race with my husband, when we realized we would both get under 4:00 we split off to our own pace for the finish.

Make sure you drink water and gatorade early and often.

Don’t worry too much about the hills, yep you’ll climb them but you get to run back down them too. Lastly have fun, you’ll go through so many emotions throughout the race but none of them will matter when you cross the finish line.

I love the Pittsburgh marathon. Great support, awesome volunteers, fun expo, and I felt safe the entire time.