Carnegie Lake

I learned to fish on that lake when I was a kid. So many great memories there so I got curious about why it’s so much smaller today and found this on the parks website::

Lake Carnegie in Highland Park – In the 1870s, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie partially financed the creation of Lake Carnegie to be used as a halfway station for water being pumped from the Allegheny River to the Highland Park reservoir. Originally called the Brilliant Reservoir due to its proximity to the Brilliant Oil Company, the lake was intended to be part of Pittsburgh’s municipal water system. However, around the time that the lake was completed, a pump came on the market that eliminated the need for an intermediate reservoir, so it became a recreational lake instead with a handsome boathouse. Boating, fishing, and swimming sports were all popular activities at Lake Carnegie. As aquatic sports became more popular, more than half of the lake was converted into the present-day swimming pool in 1932. Today the lake is stagnant and is seldom used, but it is still a pleasant place to stroll.

Interesting because from the 1970’s-90’s (at least) it was a hot spot for fishing.

Don’t know how/when fishing stopped but after the ducks & geese arrived it became a nice place for stolling and feeding the birds.

So, what is the plan for the lake now? They just did some work around it and closed off the water supply pipe, are they going to drain it?