Unique Wedding Venues In Pittsburgh

I think that Pittsburgh has so many nice things to offer the public, it is one of those jems that doesn’t get enough attention. We have a wide number of attractions that many Yinzer seem to forget. But when I look at all of thse fancy weddings online I realize that we could do that here, and often times better.

For one we have so many parks that getting married in the city might not even seem like it.

Let me throw a couple out there for you:

  1. Carrie Furnace: I love the Carrie Furnaces photos I have seen, but their max capacity indoors is 150. I know because I once helped a friend get her wedding planned and I called around to a lot of different places.
  2. Benedum Lobby
  3. Carnegie Museum of Art

The Pennsylvanian is much more traditional. It’s really, really big, with a large covered outdoor area but the only draw back is that I beleive that they only do wedding with reception.

Other places I thought were a little more unique:

  • Kentuck Knob (Frank Lloyd Wright, 1 hour away from Pgh) – up to 200 guests
  • Polymath Park (also FLW, 1 hour away in Acme, PA) – can hold our capacity outdoors but with weather we felt it was too risky for the date.
  • Andrew Carnegie Free Library & Music Hall – there is a lot of buzz about the other Carnegie properties but this one is operated slightly differently – a very DIY venue – their first priority is booking music events, then special events as they can accommodate
  • Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens – a newer event venue, up to 130 capacity
  • Kelly Strayhorn Theater – didn’t know they did weddings
  • New Hazlett Theater – ditto above