Camping In PA & WV

There are a lot of great places to go camping around PA and WV. If you’re up traveling the 3-4 hours, Rickett’s or Summersville are popular destinations.

Yet, there are plenty of amazing spots around PA/West Virginia. It really depends if you are looking to rent a cabin or set up a tent.

I grew up camping at Pymatuning Lake, my parents have a small cabin up there and it’s where I learned to love the outdoors. It’s only about 1.5-2hrs away, right on the state line of Ohio and PA. Tons of stuff to do up there.

Last summer we did a bit of camping at Seneca Rocks, WV. The drive there was incredible and it’s a really cool area.

Very remote.

There is a nice trail up the back side of the mountain with a lot of switch backs, very easy hike if you have kids that you’re taking a long. The views from the top are incredible.

Allegheny National Forest isn’t too far away and is a great camping spot. If you’re looking for a little closer, Ohiopyle and Laurel Highlands are beautiful areas.

I have a small list of places I plan on exploring this summer. Among them are Ricketts Glen State Park in PA to explore some waterfalls, Summersville Lakes in WV for some cliff diving. Also Cherry Springs, PA to wake up under the stars. Cherry Springs State Park is one of the darkest places on the east coast.

There are two great resources I really like to use. One being You can input your interests and it will give you all kinds of cool areas to visit. Another I like to use is the app/website RoadTrippers. You can input your destination and it will show you everything from camping to cool dive bars to crazy roadside attractions along the way.

I keep this app on the home screen of my phone and use it pretty often.