Concert Seating At Heinz Field

They host concerts at Heinz Field and until we actually tested it I was a little bit turned off by the idea of sitting in the nosebleed section.

Having been to games at the stadium and sitting in the nosebleed section, I can vouch that you can see the jumbotron from anywhere except right underneath it obviously.

The people on the stage will be ants. And I’m pretty sure that section far above the endzone is bleacher seating, if that affects anything/what to bring.

If you really like the band, I’d go with floor level. Otherwise, you’re there to hear live music watching the screens. All of those seats have great views of the screens. You can’t make out their faces from those seats, but you can see what color clothes they have on.

There is that live element that is so unique to being there. The sound, the crowd, etc. Watching a concert on tv is ok but being there, even far away, sometimes is worth it for the overall experience.

Camping In PA & WV

There are a lot of great places to go camping around PA and WV. If you’re up traveling the 3-4 hours, Rickett’s or Summersville are popular destinations.

Yet, there are plenty of amazing spots around PA/West Virginia. It really depends if you are looking to rent a cabin or set up a tent.

I grew up camping at Pymatuning Lake, my parents have a small cabin up there and it’s where I learned to love the outdoors. It’s only about 1.5-2hrs away, right on the state line of Ohio and PA. Tons of stuff to do up there.

Last summer we did a bit of camping at Seneca Rocks, WV. The drive there was incredible and it’s a really cool area.

Very remote.

There is a nice trail up the back side of the mountain with a lot of switch backs, very easy hike if you have kids that you’re taking a long. The views from the top are incredible.

Allegheny National Forest isn’t too far away and is a great camping spot. If you’re looking for a little closer, Ohiopyle and Laurel Highlands are beautiful areas.

I have a small list of places I plan on exploring this summer. Among them are Ricketts Glen State Park in PA to explore some waterfalls, Summersville Lakes in WV for some cliff diving. Also Cherry Springs, PA to wake up under the stars. Cherry Springs State Park is one of the darkest places on the east coast.

There are two great resources I really like to use. One being You can input your interests and it will give you all kinds of cool areas to visit. Another I like to use is the app/website RoadTrippers. You can input your destination and it will show you everything from camping to cool dive bars to crazy roadside attractions along the way.

I keep this app on the home screen of my phone and use it pretty often.

Inexpensive Wedding Venues

I am one of those people that things that the current price for weddings is getting crazy. I don’t think that our wedding cost any more than $10k. And it was a nice affair with around 170 guests. So it wasn’t tiny either.

I am however one of those people that really gets a lot of joy from all of our great parrks. And they do make the perfect backdrop for a wedding.

Riverview park has what’s called “The Chapel” (not really a church or anything) but has a beautiful outdoor patio and is just beautiful. You have to contact city parks and actually talk with them about the different options. When I helped a friend with her wedding I called around and got different information and was able to get a good idea of what they offer.

As I called around I found out that North Park Lodge is reasonably affordable, and if you know it then you will know that it is nice. That allows for an outdoor wedding as well as a reception under cover in case of inclement weather. If you are ok with the uncertainty of the weather, I’ve also walked past the gazebos in South Park and seen weddings going on there. I think that they are relatively inexpensive, if not free, since I’m not sure that a permit was required.

Uh, Was There A Mix UP With the Marathon Shirts

Every year at the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo participants are given technical shirts with the marathon’s sponsors on the back.

All of the girls that particpated got pink shirt while all the guys participating got green shirts. This is my tenth year running and this is a first; usually all the shirts are the same color and the only difference is the race listed: relay, half, or full.

Seriously pink shirts for women?

I wasn’t able to trade for a green one and none of the volunteers I talked to had any idea why there were two different color shirts this year. I was really annoyed that I was stuck with a pink shirt. Green is actually my favorite color and pink is one of my least favorite, thanks marathon people. Any positive or negative comments are likely to make it to the people who make these decisions.

Schenley Plaza Proposed Expansion

Schenley plaza is such a wonderful relaxed place, and you can already get tonnes of food and drink there.

While they are not proposing to build an Eat n’ Park in Schenley Plaza. The EnP Group are planning on building a restaurant, that is NOT EnP, in there. Right now the area currently lies empty and fenced off.

And while a fence isn’t always pretty a big building will compete with the rest of the smaller buildings there. If the developers can keep this restaurant as low key as te kiosks are, I can’t see it being a bad thing. A nice low key building is better than a fence.

Yet with so many good places to eat it seems a little strange. I truly don’t see a reason for more development.

The Pittsburgh Marathon Course

The first half of the race is mostly flat but when you hit mile 12 you climb. I remember thinking I have no chance of making my goal of 4:00 with this hill on the course. When you get to the top its pretty rolling and there are a lot of bands to take your mind off the run.

I ran this race with my husband, when we realized we would both get under 4:00 we split off to our own pace for the finish.

Make sure you drink water and gatorade early and often.

Don’t worry too much about the hills, yep you’ll climb them but you get to run back down them too. Lastly have fun, you’ll go through so many emotions throughout the race but none of them will matter when you cross the finish line.

I love the Pittsburgh marathon. Great support, awesome volunteers, fun expo, and I felt safe the entire time.

Carnegie Lake

I learned to fish on that lake when I was a kid. So many great memories there so I got curious about why it’s so much smaller today and found this on the parks website::

Lake Carnegie in Highland Park – In the 1870s, philanthropist Andrew Carnegie partially financed the creation of Lake Carnegie to be used as a halfway station for water being pumped from the Allegheny River to the Highland Park reservoir. Originally called the Brilliant Reservoir due to its proximity to the Brilliant Oil Company, the lake was intended to be part of Pittsburgh’s municipal water system. However, around the time that the lake was completed, a pump came on the market that eliminated the need for an intermediate reservoir, so it became a recreational lake instead with a handsome boathouse. Boating, fishing, and swimming sports were all popular activities at Lake Carnegie. As aquatic sports became more popular, more than half of the lake was converted into the present-day swimming pool in 1932. Today the lake is stagnant and is seldom used, but it is still a pleasant place to stroll.

Interesting because from the 1970’s-90’s (at least) it was a hot spot for fishing.

Don’t know how/when fishing stopped but after the ducks & geese arrived it became a nice place for stolling and feeding the birds.

So, what is the plan for the lake now? They just did some work around it and closed off the water supply pipe, are they going to drain it?

Running Away

I have done a lot of running in

I’ve done the Great Race and the Steelers 5k here.

The Great Race (10K at least) is nice because it’s so downhill. You are pretty much guaranteed to PR.

The Steelers 5K is alright for the novelty of finishing in Heinz Field, but I won’t do it again.

I remember them summoning all of the runners to the starting line and just as you’re warmed up and stretched, waiting for the gun to go off, the start introducing Steelers alumni who give a little speech and then sing the National Anthem while you’re muscles are getting cold. Not to mention, I feel like it’s a popular first 5K for a lot of Steeler fans, so you have a lot of problems that come with noobs (lining up too far in the front so you spend the entire first mile weaving in and out of people who you need to pass).

The Indiana Road Runners Club puts on a few great races every year in Indiana, PA (not the State, it is about an hour east of the city). Their marathon is the cheapest you’ll find anywhere.

The City Department of Parks and Recreation (Citiparks) has a number of 5k races (usually draw 300 – 1500 people) during the summer and then hosts the Great Race (~15,000 people) in the fall.

Dog Parks in Pittsburgh

I would highly recommend the 2 Frick OLEAs (off-leash exercise areas) that menge101 linked to.

Many many people do not follow the leash rules in Frick park which ruins it for those of us that have older dogs that don’t want young dogs running up on them; and as a result are seen as “not friendly”.

They are both fully fenced with 5-6ft chain link and have air-lock style entries to reduce the risk of off-leash dogs running out when someone enters/exits.

They both have benches for patrons to sit on/at and a few things for the dogs to play in/on/around. Obviously you will have a mixed bag of people and dog types using the OLEA, so your mileage may vary but you run the chance of seeing annoying/aggressive dogs and inattentive and/or jerkish owners at any dog park.

I would only recommend Hot Dog Dam if the dogs you are sitting for have a good recall as that OLEA is not fully fenced in (I haven’t been there in a few years, so hopefully this has been fixed). The dog area is/was separated from the jogging trail by a split-rail fence and chain link, but the hill on the far side of the eponymous Hot Dog Dam is not fenced off at all and leads right up to a highly traveled road and intersection (Forbes and Braddock Avenues).

That being said, this OLEA is awesome for dogs that love playing/jumping into water or need a bit of a cool down or non-soapy rinse off from other activities.

Best Fishing Spots In Pittsburgh

I fish pretty regularly up at Lake Arthur. Its around 45-55 minutes from Pittsburgh. You can rent a boat there if you want to get to some better spots.

Typically fish North Shore area, and I catch Largemouth Bass / Catfish / Panfish. I pretty much target bass, and use plastics / spinner baits. In the late evening you catch Stripers up there.

Although its fished pretty heavy, there are places on the shore to fish around the park. Go up early morning / late evening.

Also Lock 3 in Cheswick is worth checking out in my opinnion. Park near the warehouse across from Lock 3 bait and tackle:

    (724) 274-7710
    811 Freeport Rd
    Cheswick, PA 15024-1209 

Go early morning or evening, get some minnows and fish the waters below dam. You’ll catch bass, walleye, gar and sometimes musky.

Who knows what else is lurking in there!