Penn Hills Cinema

Penn Hills Cinema is the most affordable movie theater in Pittsburgh (tel: (412) 243-1831). They have been around for 50 years.

It can compete with the other high priced movie theaters like Waterworks ect. because Penn Hills shows newly released movies just like them. There selection always amazes me.

  • 1 ticket: $5

Besides the movies being recent they have extra incentive to choose them:

On Monday you get:

  • 1 free popcorn with every admission.
  • So, if you and a friend go or the family on Monday everyone will get their own free bag of popcorn.

On Tuesday:

  • A refill of large tube of popcorn only cost only: $1.00

On Thursday:

  • Small Drink: $0.50
  • Medium Drink $0.75
  • Refillable Large Drinks: $1.00

On Wednesday or “Wacky Wednesday” as they call it:

  • Popcorns and Drinks are buy one get one free.

The weekend:

  • Free refills on Drinks and popcorn, yay!

They are located at:

Penn Hills Shopping Center, 76 Federal Dr, Penn Hills, PA 15235

I can’t think of another reason why I on’t love them. And I don’t know any other theaters that even give you free popcorn on some days. I love it because it makes it affordable to take the family to the movies on a budget.

The best part is that they really do have new movies. So, it is a win win. People saying Waterworks has cheap tickets is a joke. They are one of the most expensive cinemas.

Penn Hills Cinema is cheapest movie theater in Pittsburgh.

May I Suggest the Carnegie Science Center

I have been coming to see the Pink Floyd light show for nearly 20 years now and for only two dollars per show (members price) it is hard to beat. It might just be the greatest thing ever. Pink Floyd still runs as the midnight show. The rest of the line up does change quarterly. One of my current favorites is “Robot Rock” which is a fun mix of techno and robot themed rock songs.

But there are many other reasons to visit the Carnegie Science Center. If you are genuinely interested in the content of the exhibits and don’t mind a lot of kids (though January is one of our slower months of the year so it wouldn’t be as bad right now) then you will enjoy it for what it is. Yes, it’s geared towards elementary level on a lot of things, but they are still fun interactives and enjoyable if you go in what that mindset.

If you are looking for something more adult oriented then 21 Nights are definitely an option. They can get busy but you don’t have to worry about running over kids or getting strange looks from parents when you start playing in the water table.

They do have other things going on besides our exhibit spaces such as evening laser shows (as I mentioned the midnight Pink Floyd is a popular staple in the line-up). Evening Omnimax documentaries also run on Friday and Saturday nights. And if the weather is nice and clear our observatory is open on Friday and Saturday nights as well. I’ve seen the rings of Saturn from the telescope and it is amazing.

They also do monthly lectures and other presentations throughout the year geared specifically to adults. I will say one thing, the science center is kinda creepy at night when you go in for the midnight show. Most of the lights are off and the exhibits look really odd.

A few of the exhibits have height or weight restrictions, but most adults fall within those.