Schenley Plaza Proposed Expansion

Schenley plaza is such a wonderful relaxed place, and you can already get tonnes of food and drink there.

While they are not proposing to build an Eat n’ Park in Schenley Plaza. The EnP Group are planning on building a restaurant, that is NOT EnP, in there. Right now the area currently lies empty and fenced off.

And while a fence isn’t always pretty a big building will compete with the rest of the smaller buildings there. If the developers can keep this restaurant as low key as te kiosks are, I can’t see it being a bad thing. A nice low key building is better than a fence.

Yet with so many good places to eat it seems a little strange. I truly don’t see a reason for more development.

The Pittsburgh Marathon Course

The first half of the race is mostly flat but when you hit mile 12 you climb. I remember thinking I have no chance of making my goal of 4:00 with this hill on the course. When you get to the top its pretty rolling and there are a lot of bands to take your mind off the run.

I ran this race with my husband, when we realized we would both get under 4:00 we split off to our own pace for the finish.

Make sure you drink water and gatorade early and often.

Don’t worry too much about the hills, yep you’ll climb them but you get to run back down them too. Lastly have fun, you’ll go through so many emotions throughout the race but none of them will matter when you cross the finish line.

I love the Pittsburgh marathon. Great support, awesome volunteers, fun expo, and I felt safe the entire time.