Wedding At…

I’m not a fan of weddings but I went to one at the aviary and it was very pleasant! So much nicer than a banquet hall and guests got to go see the birds during the reception.

Ches Anthony Catering has a selection of a few different venues. They offer a discount for Friday weddings.

You provide your own Centerpieces, Liquor, Photographer and DJ/Band. When we got married, it was the most bang for your buck that we could find.

The Wendell Inn is their nicest venue, it’s a former school converted into a reception hall but without a strong school vide.

The Circuit Center in the Southside Works (their packages) is also an option for a more affordable setting. I have been to one wedding there, it’s a nice sized space, but it’s a pretty drab room. While the actual venue looks, to me at least, sort of like a high school gymnasium dressed up for the prom, the big draw there is the food made on site by The Fluted Mushroom. If you have a big budget for centerpieces and decor I’m sure it can be transformed, but I wasn’t too impressed.

The other thing is that it’s really the big room and bathrooms in the hall. If you would want to have an outdoor ceremony or other space for a babysitting room or anything like that, there isn’t anywhere to out that. Just something to consider.

So if food is your thing, and you want something affordable, it’s a good choice.

Problems At Frick Park

Frick park could be a nice place to spend time with your dog. Read “could.” Like many other dogs, our dog has severe anxiety and does not play well with others and that is why we keep him on a leash at all times.

If every pet owner could simply keep their dog on a leash, the park would be a much safer place for everyone. Currently, it is not safe and it is not fair. IF you insist on having your dog off-leash, please only use one of the fenced off areas in the park designated for off-leash play.

The owners will usually respond with: “oh, he’s friendly.” But they say that after an attack just the same. I have heard this ignorant excuse time and time again, and it is not okay. It’s important to remember that even if your dog is the perfect, it is still and always will be an animal.

People who don’t control/call back their off leash dogs always make me think they just don’t actually care or think about their own dog’s safety.

This is a fundamental problem with people, it seems.

Good luck convincing dog owners that their little buddy isn’t special and that they should follow the rules for everybody’s sake. Just like in traffic, many people seem to think the rules apply only to everybody else.

We also have the same issue but on a much smaller scale at the dog park here in Lawrenceville.

Still, this happens in pretty much every city.

If you do some searching around online, you’ll see people complaining about it all over the place. Aside from the residents who just don’t care, the issue is generally that the police aren’t going to respond to these complaints (unless there’s a physical fight or something similar) and animal control is overworked. It’s not reasonable, for the animal control officer or for the city itself, to station somebody in the parks for hours at a time just to make sure that people keep their dogs on leash.

Unfortunately, it’s like the equivalent of having somebody standing nearby to make sure people don’t litter.

I’d recommend carrying a large umbrella with you. If a dog starts running towards you, open the umbrella and point it down in the direction of the dog, as a blocker between the dog and you.

Possible Ban On Drones In City Parks

And I am in agrement since there are many factors. First and most important: liability.

Everyone is terrified of getting sued. Having seen some of the drone pilots at Shenley and almost getting hit by one once, I can understand this.

Secondly: UPMC has rights to airspace above the park.

Others have cited privacy concerns. I’m not convinced that the right to privacy in a public park is very well grounded. I mean, it’s a public park. It is, by nature and definition, not private. So I am not sure that that is what is really a factor here.

That leaves me with my original concerns outweighing privacy. Which mostly come down to safety concerns of RC aircraft that might carry cameras and safety concerns of actual manned flight.

I have watched people attempt to paraguilde in the different parks which seems like a really bad idea.